Trains Your Brain for Weight Loss
This proven tool will help you lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.
by Dr. Scott Lewis

"I've lost about 10% body fat since I started the program as well as losing 20-25 pounds....  It really just came natural and I started to notice results immediately...  The whole program has really been inspirational for me and I thank Dr. Lewis for that." 
-- Kirk James, Del Mar, California

I know just how dangerous and depressing it is to be overweight.  I also know how frustrating it is to try weight loss methods that don't work

But I was able to develop a weight loss system that really does work (and has for thousands of my clients).  The Weight Loss Hypnotizer is a new weight loss tool that will change the way the world loses weight.

You see, that's me on the left -- before I lost weight.  And that's me on the right, healthier and happier than ever

My name is Dr. Scott Lewis and I will tell you  more about that proven tool that will help you lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.  

Just take a look at these facts:

Why It's Urgent that You Lose Weight Now

  • In 1999, an estimated 61% of U.S. adults and 13% of children and adolescents were dangerously overweight.
  • Approximately 300,000 U.S. deaths are associated with obesity and overweight, each year.
  • In 2000, the total direct and indirect costs attributed to obesity amounted to $117 billion. 
  • In 2001, the cost of providing hospital-based healthcare for obesity-related childhood diseases rose from $35 million to $127 million. 
  • Obesity is a major contributor to other illnesses including: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, and endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. 
  • Higher body weights are associated with increases in all-cause mortality.
  • Some populations are at greater risk of being overweight and/or obese.
    Source: ColoradoHealthSite

55% of Americans are Overweight

According to the federal government, more than 97 million Americans (55 percent of the population) are overweight.  And that used to include me too. 

Fourteen years ago I was frustrated, unmotivated and depressed.  I was a doctor in private practice counseling patients on how to lose weight even though I was 41 pounds overweight myself. 

I felt like a hypocrite.  I desperately wanted to lose weight, and although I knew what I should be doing, for some reason I was unable to do it.  My greatest fear was that I would continue gaining weight.  I knew my life would just get more stressful, and that meant that I'd gain even more weight, and be at an even greater risk for death.

Leading Causes of Death by Obesity

1. Heart Disease: 709,894
2. Cancer: 551,833
3. Stroke: 166,028
4. Chronic Lower respiratory Disease: 123,550
5. Diabetes: 68,622
(You're chance of getting these is greatly reduced by maintaining a healthy weight.)
Source: National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 49, Number 12 

How I lost more than 40 pounds

Then one day I met a hypnotist who had trained doctors in medical hypnosis techniques for weight loss.  I started to apply some of the techniques he taught me along with those I developed.  In just 5 months I was able to lose more than 40 pounds -- and I've kept that weight off for more than 14 years.  

I've also shared these techniques with my patients who want to lose weight, and they've also been able to keep those unwanted pounds off.   

People are talking about the Weight Loss Hypnotizer:

"I wanted to change my attitude about food and I wanted to do it without having to work at it.  I am always an overeater, I don't like to exercise, I'm a couch potato.  I do all the wrong things. And the beauty of Dr. Lewis' program is he undid my bad attitudes... Everything about this weight loss experience has been pleasant, has been relaxing, has been easy."
-- Jeanne Corcon, St. Louis, Missouri, lost 30 pounds

"I very much find that the tape helps me to stay motivated to exercise.  Even recently I was in Spain for a month on vacation and I had no trouble staying motivated for the entire time I was there.  And I've found that when I don't exercise for a few days I really miss it...  I attribute the weight loss since I've been on the program to the motivational aspects of the program..." 
-- Barbara Opperle, lost 25 pounds

"Since going through the program, I have lost 30lbs in 9 weeks."
-- Debra Hay, lost 30 pounds

"Before, I would get up and find a million other things to do before I would go out and exercise...  It always helps to have something positive to keep you going and Dr. Lewis' tapes really do that."
-- Allyn Foster

"His program is very easy program to follow and to do, there's no restrictions, there's no limitations you just do it as you want to do it. ...With Dr. Lewis' program you're motivated through hypnosis to eat the kinds of foods that are healthy for you and to exercise and it makes sense." 
-- Jack Kelly
Click here to see even more reviews.

Most weight loss methods are just unhealthy

You've probably seen the TV ads that promise you can lose up to 14 pounds in a week -- and you probably don't believe them.  It's simply not possible to lose 25 pounds in 72 hours, no matter what their claim is.  But the hypnosis I use is healthy for you.  It's a process that will have you lose weight over a period of time, and shows you how to keep it off.  

Americans spend more than $33 billion annually on weight-loss products and services, including low-calorie foods, artificially sweetened foods and drinks and weight-loss center memberships.  Now think about how much money the Weight Loss Hypnotizer will actually save you.

And remember, this is the same hypnosis that I currently charge $300 per hourly session.  But when you take advantage of this risk-free offer, you'll get the Weight Loss Hypnotizer at a special Internet price

The new scientifically proven way to lose weight

You see, this isn't the hypnosis you'd see in a nightclub.  The Weight Loss Hypnotizer is based on scientifically proven medical hypnosis techniques, and is used by physicians around the world who help their patients lose weight by directly addressing the source of all overeating problems -- the mind.

I'll tell you exactly what the Weight Loss Hypnotizer is NOT:
  • It's NOT a bunch of drugs that have bad side-effects
  • It's NOT a workout program that has you slaving away on a treadmill for hours each day
  • It's NOT a diet that will have you starving

The Weight Loss Hypnotizer is an easy-to-use tool that trains your brain for weight loss, right through your computer.  Everything you need is right at your PC, and getting results is virtually effortless.

Try it risk-free

You might still be wondering why you should believe my claims.  Well, if that's you, then I invite you to try the Weight Loss Hypnotizer today.  This offer is 100% risk-free.  Since this is a completely digital program, you can try it, and ask for a refund.  I won't even know if it worked for you, so you could pretty much rip me off, if you wanted.  

But I believe so deeply in this product that I want you to listen to what I have to say, and try it out for yourself.  If the Weight Loss Hypnotizer doesn't help you lose all of those unwanted pounds, then I want you to ask for a refund.  

Plus, you'll also get the following 3 hypnotic sessions as my gifts just for trying the Weight Loss Hypnotizer  -- whether you decide to keep the Weight Loss Hypnotizer or not:

3 Bonus Hypnotic Sessions

  • Bonus #1: Train Your Brain for Weight Loss in 1 Hour -- In this 50 minute RealAudio, Dr. Lewis reveals his 7 easy habits for weight loss.  They are simple and proven ways to lose weight fast.  (A $27 value.)

  • Bonus #2: The Fitness Follow-Through Formula -- Dr. Lewis tells you his 4 easy principles for setting up a successful fitness program, in this 84 minute RealAudio.  He also tells you 7 everyday foods that will accelerate your weight loss.  (A $17.97 value.)

  • Bonus #3: 7 Secrets for Burning Fat Faster-Even While You Sleep -- Find out Dr. Lewis' 7 secrets for losing weight, in this 21 minute RealAudio.  (A $9.97 value.)

How much longer are you going to put off losing weight?  As soon as you get the Weight Loss Hypnotizer, you'll realize just how easy it is to get back down to your ideal weight.  I can't believe how long it took me to do it myself.  But now that I have, I'm happier than ever.  

Since this is a 100% risk-free offer, you have nothing to lose.  So go ahead and give the Weight Loss Hypnotizer a try now.  The sooner you do, the sooner you can reach your goal weight.

Best wishes for your success,

Dr. Scott Lewis
The Weight Loss Hypnotizer

P.S.  When you order the Weight Loss Hypnotizer you'll be able to download all the information onto your computer.  That means you'll have access to me whenever you need me -- morning, afternoon or night.  This is a completely risk-free offer.  If you don't feel that the Weight Loss Hypnotizer is for you, then simply return it for a prompt and courteous refund -- and the 3 bonuses are your to keep.  Go ahead and take advantage of the Weight Loss Hypnotizer today.

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